Friday, May 08, 2015

Every Spring, I Love These Same Old New Beautiful Things that I Can Rely on to Be There Again

I'm a person who gets bored with routine quickly, yet will sometimes complain for way too long about how bored I am with the routine before actually doing something about it.  New ideas, new plans, new projects...I've had a million or so and few make it to fruition.  There are, of course, some really lovely things in life that I'm happy are constant and returning.  Do you ever think about how these things are the same, but they're not...they're entirely new at the same time?  They're renewed, or they're the next generation.  You know, including ourselves, the cells of our bodies renew every so...however often they do.  Think on it a while, it's pretty cool, eh?

These are the first signs of life I see every spring.  The season seemed to roll in pretty quickly, there's leaves rolling out on the trees already. 

Every year, this is the first green I see.  It pops up in the wetlands and it's a sight for sore eyes.

After the few daffodils and crocuses planted around the yard have passed, the grass starts greening and these pretty little flowers, called bluets, spread quickly all around the yards.  Along with the dandelions, and the purple and white violets that come next. 

The weather's been incredible.  Suddenly warm and in the 80s.  I sat in my yard enjoying the sunshine, the warmth and the scents of these little flowers on the breeze.  The bluets have a light fresh little pretty smell.  The white violets have a stronger perfumey fragrance that I have trouble describing.  But I could hardly stop myself from sniffing them, if it weren't for the fact that I have to get back to work at some point.  They're intoxicating, really.

These pretty little wood anemones grow just outside the wetlands.

I'm really excited!  Last year, these cardinals built a nest just 20 feet from our house in a wild blueberry bush.  I was able to watch the progress of the babes who went from cute little speckled eggs to fuzzy little bug-eyed birds.  This year, a pair is hard at work building a nest in this bush just outside our kitchen window.  I've been trying to get photos of the female at work, but she takes off quickly every time she sees me at the window trying to focus my camera.  I can't help but feel like it's pretty special that they've set up so close this year, where I can view them while eating breakfast.  I wonder if the male or female is from the same family I photographed last year.  I betchya they are.

Fern families, always popping up in the same places.

The frogs always come back to the dog pond.

Every year I say I'll get the hummingbird feeder out earlier rather than later, this year I did.  And this year I didn't see them stopping and hovering at the window while I washed dishes, or as I worked from the home office.  I missed that!  I'm positive they come to tell me to get that feeder out.

Blue skies,

Apple blossoms,

And a very happy Luna. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring, It's Really Here. Really.

Years ago I planted many, many crocus bulbs in my front lawn.  Over the years, fewer would bloom.  This spring it's just these two who came up together.

Happy Friday

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Baby Cardinals

First day of spring was a few days ago, and just to show us... it snowed, again.  Well, I didn't bother to document it with a photo, so instead, here's a handful of photos from later last spring.