Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring, It's Really Here. Really.

Years ago I planted many, many crocus bulbs in my front lawn.  Over the years, fewer would bloom.  This spring it's just these two who came up together.

Happy Friday

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Baby Cardinals

First day of spring was a few days ago, and just to show us... it snowed, again.  Well, I didn't bother to document it with a photo, so instead, here's a handful of photos from later last spring.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

When "More of This Crap" Transformed into a Winter Wonderland

 Snow again!  What a surprise!  Today's snow was light and fluffy, and when I went outside at lunchtime while the sun was shining, I saw that it was made of bajillions of perfect, pretty little flakes.   I also heard a spring bird chirping nearby.  It was a transformation of "ech, I can't wait until all this stuff goes away" to "ooooooh!  it's beautiful and it sparkles!" 

Luna was loving the warm sun.  She's a ten year old puppy.

The landscape everywhere was graceful and sparkling like it was scattered with tiny jewels.  When you take a closer look to admire any one snowflake, the rest fade into the landscape.  There's all sorts of metaphors here but I'm not tapping into any profound thoughts any more than usual right now. 
 The pics do the talking...

  Snowflakes sort of shapeshift when you look at them from diffent angles.  
The next two pictures are of the same flake (on a cookie sheet.)

I think we could both feel that spring was right here even with all of this snow around.

Spring, we welcome you into our hearts right now!